Learning Solutions
Incorporating a wide variety of learning options we provide customized, evidence based, blended learning solutions that are cost effective, easy to access and designed to meet your individual and organizational learning and performance improvement needs.
A Wide Variety of Learning Options
We offer a wide variety of learning options making learning more accessible and cost effective.
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Customized Learner and Organization Centered Solutions
Our blended learning solutions are based on subjective and objective learning needs assessments administered to your staff as part of the learning solution design process. Based on the results of these assessments and your feedback, we design, implement and evaluate a learning solution that best meets your needs.
Evidence Based Adult Learning Practices and Principles
Our learning solutions are based on, and guided by evidence based adult learning practices and principles, e.g., goal setting, self directed learning, performance feedback, learning reinforcement, behavioral modeling, general principles and identical elements theory etc., and are designed for transfer.
Blended Learning Solutions
Blended learning incorporates multiple learning options that enable the design and implementation of cost effective, easy to access, evidence based learning solutions to better meet your individual and organizational learning needs. Research indicates that blended learning solutions facilitate learning, and support the transfer and maintenance of newly learned knowledge and skills back to the workplace.
Designed to Support the Transfer and Maintenance of Learning
Our learning solutions are designed to enhance participant learning, and support the transfer and maintenance of learning back to the workplace. After all the acquisition of new knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes have little to no influence on an organization's performance if they are not transferred to, and maintained in the workplace.
Standard 2/3 day workshops in the substance abuse treatment field are primarily designed to facilitate learning, however, few are designed to transfer and maintain learning back in the workplace.
Evidence Based - Proven Effective - Designed for Transfer