Research indicates that learning outcomes i.e., learning, learning transfer, and the maintenance of learning transferred from workshops back to the workplace are influenced by systemic factors e.g. learner characteristics, workshop design, and organizational characteristics that can inhibit as well as enhance these outcomes. That is why our onsite and online workshops incorporate evidence based adult learning practices and interventions designed to address these influences. The use of these practices and interventions has been proven to increase motivation to learn, learning, and the transfer of learning back to the workplace.

Listed below are links to descriptions of the most popular workshops we offer. All workshops are customizable in order to best meet your organization's learning needs. None of these workshops are discreet stand alone events. All workshops utilize a blended learning approach designed to engage participants before, and after workshops. Included in this approach are subscriptions to the online equivalent of the workshop attended. The subscription provides each learner with ongoing access to the course content, lectures, practice exercises, learning measures, and performance feedback designed to reinforce and retain initial learning gains, as well as support the transfer of learning to the workplace.
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